Happy March Madness! To celebrate the basketball fever, Facebook built a fun little game into its chat app.青睐回到可怕三月!Facebook为庆典这一篮球界的盛事,在其手机聊天应用于上发售了一款趣味小游戏。Although this isnt the first game that Facebook has released natively on Messenger, its much easier to access than the secret chess game that entails a rather clunky gameplay process.这并非Facebook首次在Messenger上必要发售游戏了,不过比起此前艰苦难懂的秘密国际象棋游戏,这款游戏更容易上手。Heres how to play:以下是这款游戏的玩法:First, update your Messenger app. Then all you need is someone in a chat or group conversation to send the basketball emoji.首先,升级你的Messenger,然后只需给定一人在聊天或者群聊中发送到一个篮球的表情。

Tap it, and youll enter game play. Youll get cheered on when you score… And have to start over when you dont.页面该表情就能转入游戏界面,投篮击中后不会获得掌声。而没抓到的话不能轻来一遍。

Each players score will be shown in the chat and Facebook keeps track of who the current high-scorer is. If you manage to hit 10 consecutive baskets, the game gets a little harder…每位玩家的分数都会表明在聊天界面中,Facebook不会记录下取得高分的玩家。如果连入10球,游戏不会显得额无以一些。Messenger will likely be one of the hottest topics at Facebooks developers conference in April. Since announcing the Messenger platform last year, the company has built in native ways to send GIFs, talk to brands, and order an Uber. Maybe even more games like this will be up next…在今年4月将要举办的Facebook开发者大会上,Messenger不会沦为众多热门话题。